Wiremu Heke of Aramoana joins a sealing boat on a voyage from Tasmania to Western Australia. He is on a quest to avenge the destruction of his village but soon finds himself a part of the violent and lawless world that has claimed the lives of those he’s known. It’s a world inhabited by men from many nations. Men who plunder seal colonies and steal women and children from the indigenous communities who live on the islands and shorelines of Australia’s south.

The Sound was long listed for the 2018 Dublin International Literary award.


'Another brilliant book from the wild west fisherwoman.' Jenny May Ackland

You can feel the sea, the salt, the wind and jostling waves on every page of this impressive novel.’ Kim Scott

'Based on a true story and clearly grounded in the author’s own experiences at sea, this book is an engaging and thought-provoking read'.  Books+Publishing.

'The Sound is indeed a vivid, often harrowing narrative, as much rooted in the world of the senses as it is in more abstract notions such as justice and empathy.' William Yeoman, The West Australian.

'Drummond can really write.' Kerryn Goldsworthy, The Saturday AgeSydney Morning Herald

Fremantle Press 2016

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Gongs and Other Lovelies for Salt Story

Shortlisted: West Australian Premier's Book Awards 2014

Longlisted: Dobbie Literature Award 2014

Fastest selling new release from Fremantle Press in 2013!

"Salt Story is an important documentation of a living history. Drummond’s gaze is that of both insider and outsider, and this twinned perspective gives depth to her book, in that it allows her to trace a geography she knows intimately, while also ensuring that she is attuned to what is special and eccentric about her topic. Drummond writes with language by turns lyrical, colloquial and specific to the realm of fishing (‘carvels’, ‘seiners’, ‘clinkers’), and has a fascinating story to tell: an intoxicating combination."

Elizabeth Bryer in Kill Your Darlings

"Catch of the day." QANTAS Inflight Magazine

"Too few writers capture the essence of now: the flavour, feel, smell, language. But Sarah Drummond has done it. This is real but you know this way of life won't last. Her account of a fishing community on the south coast of Western Australia is a gift. Salt delivers his philosphy while teaching Sarah the tricks, craft and dodges of making a living from the sea. Salt should be sent to lecture in the corridors of Canberra and corporate boardrooms. Vital reading." Chris Pash, The Last Whale. 

Fremantle Press 2013

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